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Folkdance Festival:   Tickets

We are now issuing Early Bird tickets — the form must reach us by 20th December.

Click here for information about the Christmas break.

Early Bird weekend ticket: £95.     Early Bird plus Caravan pitch: £133.

We know that many people want to attend the costumed ball at the festival, so in 2019 there will be two such events.
The Saturday Ball will consist of dances from later publishers of the 17th and 18th century, called by Robert Moir; the Sunday Ball will consist of dances published by John or Henry Playford, called by Colin Hume.  If you don't get allocated a ticket for the one you want, we'll do our best to allocate you a ticket for the other one.  You may well get into both, but you can only have a priority booking on one.

You can download the Booking Form, print it out and email it to You must enable JavaScript to see this e-mail address. (having transferred the money to our account) or snail-mail it with your cheque.

Or you can fill in and submit the form below to book on-line.
This includes a booking charge of £4.75 for Earlybird and £5.32 for Earlybird plus Caravan pitch.

Name of person making the booking
Name of second person if any
Email address
Telephone number
Are you new to the festival? Yes   No
What is your main dance interest? English   American   International
Number of tickets desired for evening Ball on: Saturday  Sunday  0     1     2
Vehicle registration number if booking caravan / camper van space
I/we would like breakfast on-site on  0     1     2   
I/we would like lunch on-site on  0     1     2
I/we would like dinner on-site on  0     1     2
Special dietary requirements
Other comments

REFUNDS: Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to a £25 administration fee.  Please note: no refunds can be given for cancellations made within 6 weeks of the event because the Festival is unable to reduce its financial commitments.  You may wish to consider cancellation insurance.