Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

Renaissance Footnotes : workshops

Dances from the Courts of Renaissance Europe

During the weekend we will teach 7 -10 different dances from the repertoire of the courts of 15C Italy, France and England. Each workshop will include one easy dance and one that is a little harder, and may include some of the less commonly danced French Bransles.
Nothing requires virtuoso footwork, great athleticism, or great feats of memory, but some dances move between duple and triple time or have slow and fast sections so a solid sense of rhythm will be an asset. Several of the dances can be performed at a range of speeds from very stately and gentle to fast and furious and so the workshops can be as lively as the participants want them to be!
These dances will be new to everyone and sufficiently different to the standard folk dance repertoire so that all participants will be on an equal footing(!) Renaissance Footnotes dancers will demonstrate the dances and look forward to joining in!

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