Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

Lynne Render's workshops

Friday 8pm with ECDB
An American Welcome

Saturday with ECDB
“Cary" on dancing
A selection of interesting contras by Cary Ravitz

Saturday with Keeping Thyme
Half a Dozen
A mix of dances using the number 6 in some way. 3 couple, 6 couple, or ‘6’ in the title.

Saturday with ECDB
Be there and be square
Mostly squares with a few other dances thrown into the mix.

Sunday with Mollie and Ali
Dancing More and “Mohr”
A mixture of contras either written by Rick Mohr or containing the Rory ‘o More move

Sunday 7.30pm with Mollie and Ali
Mix and Match!

Monday with Keeping Thyme
Interactive sets
Squares and contras where the sets interact with those next to them.


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