Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

Kalia Kliban's workshops

Friday 8pm with Persons of Quality
Joy of Dance (mixed) welcome to the weekend!

Saturday with Mollie & Ali
Disorientation Station, a selection of dances offering distinct orientation challenges.
Dancers attending this workshop should be comfortable with triple minor progression and heys.

Saturday 8pm with Keeping Thyme
Puddle Jumping – dances from both ides of the pond!

Sunday with Persons of Quality
Cruising Altitude, where we can just dance and enjoy each others' company without our brains getting too sweaty.

Sunday with Mollie & Ali
Fur and Feathers a collection of English and American dances referencing birds and animals
A mix of ECD and contra, Some of the dances may be challenging.

Monday with Mollie & Ali

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