Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018


Waiting List for Playford Ball

Season ticket applicants who joined the Playford Ball waiting list and were successful have now been advised and their names moved to the Playford Ball list. The remainder have been transferred to the standard season ticket list. Should further vacancies occur individuals will be advised ASAP.

Renaissance Footnotes : workshops

Dances from the Courts of Renaissance Europe

During the weekend we will teach 7 -10 different dances from the repertoire of the courts of 15C Italy, France and England. Each workshop will include one easy dance and one that is a little harder, and may include some of the less commonly danced French Bransles.
Nothing requires virtuoso footwork, great athleticism, or great feats of memory, but some dances move between duple and triple time or have slow and fast sections so a solid sense of rhythm will be an asset. Several of the dances can be performed at a range of speeds from very stately and gentle to fast and furious and so the workshops can be as lively as the participants want them to be!
These dances will be new to everyone and sufficiently different to the standard folk dance repertoire so that all participants will be on an equal footing(!) Renaissance Footnotes dancers will demonstrate the dances and look forward to joining in!

Irish set dance workshops with Maggie Daniel

Saturday: the basics
This session will cover the basic footwork used in Irish Set Dancing, and explain some of the more common moves and terminology. There will be lots of opportunities to try out the moves and practice the steps by dancing sections of various sets to illustrate the main points. This session is intended for dancers with little or no experience of Irish Set Dancing, and by the end of the session the participants should be ready to to try some full dances. Experienced dancers who wish to brush up on their basic skills or just join in are welcome too.

Sunday: continued
This session will build on the basic session by learning a complete Irish Set Dance. It will start with a recap of the steps needed and the various moves will be explained fully so experienced and beginners alike can enjoy the dance.

Irish Set Dancing is a social dance, popular all over Ireland. It is danced in square sets (the Set), and each dance (also called a Set) consists of 3 to 6 (or more) separate figures. Each figure may be danced to different rhythms, such as jigs, reels, polkas or hornpipes, and each figure may have similarities, such as the same opening and closing moves, with different sequences in the middle, but this doesn't always apply. Many of the sets are named after the towns and villages where they originated, and until recent times people would only dance the sets from their local area. Nowadays, dancers travel all over Ireland, and could dance sets from anywhere, though a ceili programme will usually include some local sets. Irish Set Dancing is lively and fun, and the music is great, so do come along and try it over the weekend.

Jill Bransby's workshops

Broaden Your Horizons - Jill Bransby will teach steps, rhythms, styles and patterns found in a variety of dances from many places around the world. The dances will vary in speed, some slow and gentle, while others will be faster but not too complicated.
Live music by Cloudburst will help to make the sessions satisfying and fun. Come and widen your dance vision.

Saturday Evening International Dance. MC Jill Bransby with Cloudburst. The emphasis will be on enjoyment and relaxation after a busy day with workshops. The dances will come from many countries with a variety of formations.
If you wish to wear a costume to add to the colour and atmosphere please do. Everyone is welcome.

Wider-World Dance in the Sports Hall

Friday evening:
7.30 pm Welcome evening (requests) with MC Ron Wilks

Gentle Bulgarian with Maggie O'Regan
Dances from my Travels with Dalila Heath
Broaden your Horizons with Jill Bransby
Irish Set dance Basics with Maggie Daniel
7.30pm International MC: Jill Bransby with live music from Cloudburst 
The emphasis will be on enjoyment and relaxation after a busy day with workshops. The dances will come from many countries with a variety of formations.

Dances from my Travels with Dalila Heath
Broaden your Horizons with Jill Bransby
Romanian with Maggie O'Regan
Irish Set dance continued with Maggie Daniel
7.30pm Balkan-Extra  MC: Maggie assisted by Dalila

Eastern European Final Fling 1 & 2  with Dalila, Jill & Maggie

Nigel Close's workshops

Saturday and Monday with Keeping Thyme
Mined out of Thyme
Keeping Thyme have dug out a rich seam of their favourite tunes and Nigel has excavated the dances that fit them. Nothing too complex or energetic to start the day, but some glittering nuggets are here to be picked up.

**THE Playford Ball** - Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)

Our Costume Ball is always a very popular event and tickets have all been allocated to the earliest Earlybirds.
Andrew will be teaching workshops throughout the weekend, and his Sunday evening dance is called "Not quite the Playford Ball"

If you were not quick enough to book a Playford Ball ticket, ask to go on the waiting list when you buy your season ticket.


Lisa Greenleaf's workhops

Saturday with E.C.D.B.
Unusual Progressions
Contras with surprising transitions.

Saturday with E.C.D.B.
No Improper Dances!
Different contra formations and orientations.

Sunday with Mollie and Ali
Double Feature Dances
Unusual squares and contras with double formations or double movements.

Sunday with Keeping Thyme
Elegant Geometry
Dances of various shapes, with beautiful flow

Monday with Mollie and Ali
Square Shaped
Squares, contras with square-shaped moves, mescolanzas..

Andrew Shaw's workshops

Saturday with Mollie and Ali
Early morning Early Playford: dances from the first 4 editions of The Dancing Master (1651-1670)

Saturday afternoon with Keeping Thyme
A Trip to the Dance:
Excursions to places of interest - with a pub.

Sunday morning with Persons of Quality.
Next of Kynaston: Dances from the early 18th century collections of Nathaniel Kynaston

Sunday afternoon with Persons of Quality
Flemish Vagaries: Dances of Philippe Callens

Monday morning with Persons of Quality
Rude Dances: 18 certificate (proof of age may be requested)!

2018 Evening Programmes

Friday 4 May
5.30 stewards arrive
7pm EIFF newbies welcome reception
7pm All other dancers  - collect your tickets from the Cafe and spend a little time chatting and having a snack!

7 - 8.30pm Scarletts Dance shoes

7.30pm International Welcome Party  MC Ron Wilks
8pm An American Welcome with Lynne Render & ECDB, guest caller Bubbles
8pm Joy of Dance (mixed) with Kalia Kliban (USA) & Persons of Quality (USA) and display by Renaissance Footnotes
8 til late Euro Bal with dances from France, Brittany… and more! Hervé Dréan and Rachel Goodwin in a wide range of dance forms from the French Bal Folk repertoire. - enjoy a great evening “à la française” !

Saturday 5 May 7.30-10.30pm
Puddle Jumping!  a mixed Evening with Kalia Kliban (USA) & Keeping Thyme
Squares & Contras with Lisa Greenleaf (USA) & Mollie & Ali
International Dance  MC Jill Bransby & Cloudburst  The emphasis will be on enjoyment and relaxation after a busy day with workshops. The dances will come from many countries with a variety of formations.
**THE Playford Ball** - Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)
Late 17th/ early 18th century dances from the team responsible for Farnicle Huggy and Elephants Stairs - specialists in obscure dance titles!

Sunday 6 May 7.30-10.30pm
Not quite the Playford Ball with Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)   The Playford castle gates are open: expect anything - within reason!
Mix and Match  (Mixed but mainly American) with Lynne Render & Mollie & Ali, guest caller Amy Burton
Main American with Lisa Greenleaf (USA) & ECDB and Gog Magog   Event sponsored by Beckenham FD Group
Balkan-Extra As well as dances from the Balkan countries we will do dances from Armenia, Russia & Israel. They will be easy, followable dances, or will be walked through. No partners needed.  MCs Maggie O'Regan & Dalila Heath

also you may like to know:

Saturday 5 May 2-5pm
New Festival Callers Showcase with MC Mike Courthold and Mollie and Ali

Sunday 6 May 2-5pm
Tea dance with host John Green and ECDB featuring Amy and Bubbles, from 2017 New Festival Callers Showcase

Lynne Render's workshops

Friday 8pm with ECDB
An American Welcome

Saturday with ECDB
“Cary" on dancing
A selection of interesting contras by Cary Ravitz

Saturday with Keeping Thyme
Half a Dozen
A mix of dances using the number 6 in some way. 3 couple, 6 couple, or ‘6’ in the title.

Saturday with ECDB
Be there and be square
Mostly squares with a few other dances thrown into the mix.

Sunday with Mollie and Ali
Dancing More and “Mohr”
A mixture of contras either written by Rick Mohr or containing the Rory ‘o More move

Sunday 7.30pm with Mollie and Ali
Mix and Match!

Monday with Keeping Thyme
Interactive sets
Squares and contras where the sets interact with those next to them.


Health warning- dance lengths

Following suggestions from your feedback forms
contras at Mixed dances will be 7-9 times only
and at American sessions will be longer for those with stamina to enjoy!


Complete programme for ticket holders

A FULL programme has been emailed to all ticket holders.  Please bring it with you!  Last minute changes will be posted on the notice board in St Catherine's Main corridor.

Kalia Kliban's workshops

Friday 8pm with Persons of Quality
Joy of Dance (mixed) welcome to the weekend!

Saturday with Mollie & Ali
Disorientation Station, a selection of dances offering distinct orientation challenges.
Dancers attending this workshop should be comfortable with triple minor progression and heys.

Saturday 8pm with Keeping Thyme
Puddle Jumping – dances from both ides of the pond!

Sunday with Persons of Quality
Cruising Altitude, where we can just dance and enjoy each others' company without our brains getting too sweaty.

Sunday with Mollie & Ali
Fur and Feathers a collection of English and American dances referencing birds and animals
A mix of ECD and contra, Some of the dances may be challenging.

Monday with Mollie & Ali

Welcome reception for newcomers to the festival

We're looking forward to welcoming newcomers in the CHILL OUT ROOM at St Catherine's at 7pm on Friday 4 May for ticket collection.  This is a social occasion for you to meet each other, the organisers and any callers or bands who are not busy setting up for the evening dance.

It gives you a chance to ask questions and IS NOT COMPULSORY!

At 7.45pm, a steward will lead the way to Langney School and Langney Village Hall so that you don't miss the beginning of those dances if that's where you would like to be!

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