Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018


2018 Evening Programmes

Friday 4 May
5.30 stewards arrive
7pm EIFF newbies welcome reception
7pm All other dancers  - collect your tickets from the Cafe and spend a little time chatting and having a snack!

7.30pm International Welcome Party
8pm American Dance with Lynne Render and ECDB
8pm Welcome Dance with Kalia Kliban (USA) with Persons of Quality (USA) and display by Renaissance Footnotes
8 til late Euro Bal with Hervé & Rachel (France)

Saturday 5 May 7.30-10.30pm
Mixed Evening with Kalia Kliban (USA) and Keeping Thyme
Squares & Contras with Lisa Greenleaf (USA) and Mollie & Ali
Dances from Round the World
**THE Playford Ball** - Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)
nb Our Costume Ball is always a very popular event and tickets need to be reserved when booking your Earlybird ticket

Sunday 6 May 7.30-10.30pm
Not the Playford Ball with Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality (USA)
"Mixed but mainly American" with Lynne Render and Mollie & Ali
Main American with Lisa Greenleaf (USA) and ECDB and Gog Magog
Eastern European Party

also you may like to know:

Saturday 5 May 2-5pm
New Festival Callers Showcase with MC Mike Courthold and Mollie and Ali

Sunday 6 May 2-5pm
Tea dance with ECDB and New Festival Callers from previous Showcases

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