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On 26th January 2019 Judith De Witt resigned as Director of Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival because of ill health.  We wish to thank her for getting us this far.  Without her, Eastbourne 2019 would certainly not be happening.

We're very pleased that Mecki Testroet has now agreed to be Chairman.  Mecki has in her time run both the Ticketing and the International side of the festival, and has a good understanding of how the various parts of the festival work.

The committee: Mecki Testroet (Chairman), Monty Crook (Ticketing), Brian Stanton (Finance Director) and Isabel Castle (Steward Co-ordinator) are sorting through the tasks that need to be carried out to facilitate a successful 2019 festival.

We have arranged the programme and it has now been published on the website — click the Programme button.

Next, we will hold a committee meeting and make sure all outstanding tasks are divided up between the committee members.

The 2019 festival will go ahead as planned.  However, we need volunteers for Steward Co-ordinator and Publicity Manager, otherwise there will be no 2020 festival.

The schools' Letting Agency have increased the price for the venue significantly, leading to either an increased weekend price or the need to find a new venue.  [They are also adamant that the gate between the two schools will remain closed.]  We are thinking of somewhere in the Midlands.  This would need considerable planning and PR efforts which the current committee cannot commit to.

Uptake by the International (Wider World) dance community is very low.  We are therefore planning to drop the "International" side of the festival.

So, if you want a festival in the style of Eastbourne (International) Folk Dance Festival to happen in 2020, you need to come forward and volunteer to help run it.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we will keep you informed of future developments.

The Committee