Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

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2017 New Festival Callers Showcase

Eastbourne Festival believes that is is important to attract new callers to the festival circuit, so each year experienced club callers who have not called at a festival before are offered the opportunity to call in the main hall at St Catherines  with one of our top *bands and festival dancers.
The callers prepare 6-8 dances, including one of workshop standard, and have 30 minutes to show us what they can do. We collate feedback, and hope that we can help them progress into festival calling for EIFF and other festivals.
Please support our volunteers.

MC Chris Turner with *Kelly's Eye


2017 Taster sessions

Dance taster workshops For adults aged 16+
(Children 12-16+ only with a responsible adult)
– you do not need to bring a partner - everyone is friendly.
Please bring soft soled shoes to change into for dancing

Saturday 29 April 2017 9.45 -5pm
1 Easy International with Jill Bransby
1 Zwiefachers (Bavarian couple dance) with Scott Higgs
2 Bollywood and Bhangra with Atvar Singh Panesar
3 Latvian dances with London Latvian team
4 Begin Jive with Bob Barrett

Sunday 30 April 2017 9.45 -5pm
1 Easy International with Jill Bransby
1 Zwiefachers (Bavarian couple dance) with Scott Higgs
2 Bollywood and Bhangra with Atvar Singh Panesar
3 & 4 Scandinavian dance with Barbara Kelly and Bowjolie

Monday 1 May 2017 9.45-12.45
1 Danish Family Dances with Reel of Three
1 Begin Jive with Bob Barrett
2 Bollywood and Bhangra with Atvar Singh Panesar

Workshops times: ( tickets must be purchased in advance)

1: 9.45-11am  2: 11.30 -12.45   3: 2pm-3.15pm  4: 3.45 -5pm   

2018 New Directors needed

We are looking for someone to join our succesful management team, particularly with Finance or computer/admin experience.  Volunteer soon and have the opportunity to shadow those of us who intend to retire after EIFF 2018!

International organisers needed too!

contact Maureen Knight or Robin James to discuss


Bollywood and Bhangra


Born in India and brought up in London, Avtar has always been interested in Indian music and dance.

What you will learn in a Workshop
● Basic dance steps which can be put together into a dance sequence;
● The meaning of gestures - hand and feet movements ;
● Translation of the lyrics of popular Hindi and Bhangra songs we will be dancing to;
● An understanding of costumes and an opportunity to dress up;

Whilst Bhangra and Bollywood dance can be energetic and high-tempo when performed by professional dancers, we prefer a slower pace with an emphasis on the movements and the joy of Indian dance and music.    Come and join us – Ballé Ballé!

Read more: Bollywood and Bhangra

Modern Jive with Bob Barrett

BobBarrettBob  took part in EIFF 2015 New Festival Callers Showcase and 2016's Tea Dance and for 2017 will be presenting two taster workshops of Modern Jive. He's a qualified teacher with the LeRoc Federation and has been a partner/owner/teacher at Boxmoor Beat, a Modern Jive club in Hemel Hempstead, since 2001.
Bob was introduced to calling at Friday Folk in St Albans in the 1990s. He now appears frequently at local clubs. He also leads barn dances for social groups and parties with musicians Jack 'n' the Box. He likes to help newcomers to discover the fun in dancing and to extend the skills of more experienced dancers.

Modern Western Squares with Jeremy Child

Jeremy ChildsJeremy took part in EIFF New Festival Callers Showcase 2015 and 2016 Tea dance.
In 2017 we welcome him for two taster workshops of Modern Western Squares.  These are progressive workshops - please only attend the second if you attended the first or have done MWSD to Basic 2 level before.

These workshops are designed to give experienced contra dancers a taste of what MWSD is like. It normally takes up to a year to learn MWSD well enough to go to a club or a dance. We're going to do "most" of that in 2 1/2 hours!

This is not for the faint hearted! You should be able to do Right & Left Thru, Ladies Chain, Dosido, Box the Gnat, Allemande Left, California Twirl, and Right & Left Grand automatically. and be aware of some or all of Pass the Ocean (pass through to a wave), Flutterwheel, Box Circulate, Star Thru, Swing Thru, Square Thru.
There will be a number of new moves to learn and remember in a short space of time.

You need to be quick on your feet, and if you enjoy Geoff Cubit's patter calling and more complicated squares (i.e. most of them), then this is the workshop for you.

Crib sheets will be available in advance and after the first and second workshops.

Saturday and Sunday mornings 11.30 in the gym

Jeremy has loved folk dancing ever since he first got up at a village barn dance!  Apart from its general enjoyability and the lovely people, he finds the shapes, patterns and progressions endlessly fascinating.  He became a caller because he wanted to share that passion with other people, and since EIFF 2015 has set up the popular Exeter contra series.  Enjoy great enthusiasm from Jeremy's dance calling.

Musicians: learn to play zwiefacher and scandi

We are delighted to add more strings to our bow (literally)
There will be several opportunities to learn to play Bavarian *Zwiefachers with Eden and Larry of Notorious.
Chris Dyer of Bowjolie, will be teaching a 'dance kit of Scandivavian tunes' that will include polskas, slängpolskas, Engelskas, schottis and waltzes
We hope this will prove an attractive alternative for musicians who don't want to dance the whole weekend!

*Zwiefacher is a very popular dance with the contra crowd in USA- a couple dance with a mix of waltz and pivot-turn.

Pat Shaw Ball

Pat Shaw Ball with Colin Hume and Keeping Thyme Sunday 30 April 2017
Pat Shaw wrote dances in various styles, but is best remembered for his Playford-style dances: The Slof Galliard, Monica's Delight, John Tallis's Canon and many more. He was also the first person after Cecil Sharp to study Playford's original wording and offer his own interpretations; his version of Mr Beveridge's Maggot has virtually replaced Sharp's version.

2017 is the centenary of his birth, so what better way to start the festival season than with a Pat Shaw Ball?

nb tickets have all been allocated on a first-come-first-served basis

Scarletts Dance Shoe Shop

red shoesScarletts Dancewear of Eastbourne is not able to bring shoes for you to buy this year.  We know that you will be disappointed.

Brian is always very helpful, so look at the selection available on their website www.felixdancewear.co.uk  or ring  01323 645547 

Many people have admired Maureen's lovely shoes in red and in gold.  She bought them from Scarletts! 
An American dancer liked them so much that she ordered some while here in the autumn and Brian posted them to her USA address.  How's that for service?

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