Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2017

Venue tea rota - help needed

Volunteers for the tea rota go to the front of the event queue.

This is what we need:

Saturday afternoon Village Hall ECD with Scott Higgs/ Bernie Culkin with Albireo

Saturday evening Village Hall Colin Hume's New Favourites with Albireo

Sunday evening Village Hall "Diverse, Dazzlingly delicious Dances" (mixed) John Sweeney with Albireo

Friday evening Primary School Seth & Reel of Three

Saturday morning Primary School American with Geoff/Seth & Reel of Three

Saturday afternoon Primary School Geoff/John with Keeping Thyme

Saturday evening Primary School Transcendent ECD & Breathtaking Contras - Scott Higgs with Keeping Thyme

Sunday morning Primary School ECD Jeannie/Scott with Keeping Thyme

Sunday afternoon Primary School John/ Seth with Notorious

Sunday evening Primary School Geoff & Keeping Thyme

Monday morning Primary School Danish dances with Reel of Three/ contra lab with Seth and his calling course team

To volunteer for one (or more) of those times, email Maureen  Thank you

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