Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there camping near the festival?

Once the on-site camper van spaces are used up, you can try:

Castle View Caravan Site (1.5 Miles)
Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay BN24 6DT
01323 763038

Bay View Park Ltd (1.5 Miles)
Old Martello Rd, Pevensey Bay, Pevensey BN24 6DX
01323 768688

Grey Tower Caravan Park (1.5 Miles)
Grey Tower Rd, Pevensey Bay, Pevensey BN24 6DP
01323 762402

Normans Bay Camping and Caravanning Club Site (3.5 miles)
Normans Bay, Pevensey BN24 6PR
01323 761190

St Catherine's College??

St Catherine's College is the new name for Bishop Bell School

still need accomodation?

If you haven't got your accommodation sorted out yet, we've been told about a double room already booked at nearby Travelodge that's now available for 4 nights.
Please contact Maureen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put you in touch with the dancers who can't use it.

Where do I collect my ticket/wristband?

New arrangements for 2018!
Meet your friends in the cafe from 7pm for a snack and chat when you collect your tickets.

Staff and stewards collect tickets and information packs from the stewards office as usual
Newbies collect from the Welcome reception in the chill out room at 7pm

Day tickets from the cafe on Friday evening and from the Stewards office after that.

Where do we stay?

This is a list of accommodation used by dancers previously:

Travelodge - there are two - Central Eastbourne has no car park with parking meters on the street
Hilton, Royal Parade
Hadden Hall
Premier Inn
Bay View Caravan Park
Bay Lodge
Alexandra Hotel
Norman's Bay
The View Hotel
Far end Guest House, Royal Parade
David Loyd Lodge
Beamstay Lodge

Sea Beach House This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where is the venue?

You can find an address and map on our Venue page.

St Catherine's College (Bishop Bell School), 59 Priory Road, Eastbourne BN23 7BE

The post codes for the other venues are:-

Langney School, 7 Chailey Close, Eastbourne BN23 7EB

(7 Chailey Close is next to the school gate)

Langney Village Hall/Community Centre, Etchingham Road, BN23 7DX

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